CBD patch 16 mg - 30 pcs

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Product description

The Dutch Hemp CBD patches are designed for transdermal delivery, which means that the body absorbs CBD through the skin. This transdermal action ensures that the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, which is particularly effective. The bioavailability of the CBD patch is about 4 times higher than, for example, CBD oil.

Unlike CBD drops (oil), which are taken by mouth, CBD patches are free of the First-Pass-Effect, in which the CBD is partly broken down by the stomach, stomach wall or liver.

This handy package contains 30 CBD patches and is equipped with a handy closing strip.

Each CBD patch contains 16 milligrams of CBD. Due to its high bioavailability, this corresponds to approximately 60 mg of CBD taken orally.

For example, 60mg of CBD is roughly equivalent to 30 drops of a 5% CBD oil and about 15 drops of a 10% CBD oil.

The unique advantage of our CBD patches is that the CBD is completely absorbed through the skin, which allows for an even release of CBD over 24 hours.

The benefits of CBD patches

  • CBD patches are extremely easy to use. Simply place the patch on the skin and the CBD works for 24 hours.

  • Thanks to its slow release, the patch provides relief for about 24 hours.

  • Always a constant dose. You no longer have to calculate how many milligrams of CBD you take per day. With one CBD patch per 24 hours you receive comparable to 60 milligrams of CBD.


  1. Open the package and remove one plaster from the plaster sheet.
  2. Stick the patch on a dry area of ​​skin with little hair, such as the side of the chest, a shoulder blade or the inside of the upper arm.
  3. If the skin feels greasy, for example due to oil or cream, first clean it with soap and water. Make sure the skin is thoroughly dry.
  4. Press the patch firmly for about 5 to 10 seconds after sticking it on.
  5. Apply a new CBD patch to a different area of ​​skin. The patch may only be stuck in the same place after a few days to prevent irritation.
  6. If desired, the patch may be cut, for example into half, 1/3 or quarter.
  7. Minimize exposure to water as much as possible.
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