About Hemplify

How nice that you are on our website! Hemplify is a youngster
family business what the best CDB and CDB related products for you
searched out. Fully certified organic wherever possible
difficult within the CDB world.

CDB came our way when I (Anneke) had a difficult phase out of
had medication. CDB was recommended on a forum and so am I with it
started. I have become fascinated by the possibilities for met
especially people with mental problems that I am more and more into it
deepen. Since we already have another webshop (the Theeplantage)
the step was small to start a webshop in CDB. With the
Tea plantation we already have six+ years of experience with organic products
and we would also like to use that within Hemplify.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call or email. We are only a small company, so the lines are short.

Contact us

Tel/app: 06 41 79 20 53
Email: info@hemplify.nl

Postal address/collection address
Generaal Bothastraat 40
5642 NM Eindhoven

Chamber of Commerce: 17217800
VAT: NL001697741B38

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